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Meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday, from October through May, at North Ranch Escapees Park on Hwy. 89 about 4 miles south of Congress. NEXT MEETING IS TUESDAY, MARCH 12th at 6:30 P.M. at the Activity Center. John Kountz, WO1S, will present on his amateur radio station setup while he was in Afghanistan. In 2004, John was granted the first amateur radio license by any Government of Afghanistan and was instrumental in establishing the procedure now used to license foreign amateur radio operators there. Operating from Kabul in 2004, 2006 and 2007, John completed over 12,000 contacts and earned a WAC Award. He is an ARRL and 10-10 Life Member, a member of the Downey Amateur Radio Club, a Volunteer Examiner and was Chief Radio Officer of the Laguna Beach Emergency Communication Team - RACES from 2002 to 2017. John shares HF and UHF stations at QTHs in Laguna Beach CA (DM13cm) and Wickenburg AZ (DM34oa) with his XYL, Arlene, KE6GFI. Come join us for a very interesting presentation!
DIRECTIONS: Enter North Ranch Escapees from Hwy. 89 (mile marker 238.5) onto West Escapees Way, go one block and turn right onto S Pioneer Pass Rd. The Activity Center is on the left.

Hassayampa Amateur Radio Klub (HARK) began in 2004 with Donna (KD7ZIJ) and Larry (KD7ZIK now KW7I) at North Ranch Escapees Park in Congress, Arizona. HARK became an American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Affiliated Club in 2009. Doug (N0DAJ) served as charter president 2009-2017. Duane (KD0KYK) is our current president. HARK members are involved in all kinds of activities: Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), Communications at Community Events, Daily Arizona Weather Net (DAWN), Mesh Networking, Search & Rescue, and VE Testing Sessions.

Weekly drop-in luncheons are held all year, each Wednesday from 11:30-1:00 at Lydia's La Canasta in Wickenburg.

North Ranch, 146.580 simplex. N7YKT Repeater on Yarnell Hill, 146.620 (162.2 PL). K7KYC Repeater on Wildflower Mountain in Crown King, 145.350 (162.2 PL), with remote links in West Phoenix and Wilhoit on 445.350, 162.2 PL.

HARK offers FREE amateur radio license testing through the Laurel VEC. Tests will be given at 2:30 P.M. on the 3rd Tuesday monthly (and at other times) upon request to Chuck, AA0RI, our VEC (Volunteer Examiner Coordinator). To request a test session, please call Chuck on (316) 651-7710 or contact Chuck via email. To expedite setting-up your test session, please include in your email: 1) Your full name, address, and phone number; 2) Call sign (if already a ham), current license class and FRN; 3) If you will be a new ham, it's best to obtain your FRN first to avoid giving your SSN. Please see the FCC website at https://apps.fcc.gov/cores to create a username and obtain an FRN.

HARK Email Please send email to "clubinfo AT harkaz DOT org"

President: Duane Grooms (KD0KYK)
Vice-President: Chuck Carter (AA0RI)
Secretary: Barbara Wade (N5IXU)
Treasurer: Mary DeGeoso (KF7NJK)
ARES/RACES: Doug Jarmuth (N0DAJ)
Search & Rescue (SAR): Pat Brown (N7FHB)
VE Sessions: Chuck Carter (AA0RI)
Webmistress: Pink Foster (K7ILA)

The DAWN meets twice daily, seven days a week, at 0600 and again at 1600 (4:00 P.M.) on Wildflower, 145.350 and 445.350, 162.2 PL. Everyone is welcome, whether you give a detailed weather report for your location or just tell us how it looks and feels. Bob (KC7NJZ) is primary net control, with Pat (N7FHB), Larry (KW7I), Pink (K7ILA), and Paul (KG7GMG) as backup.

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