Hassayampa Amateur Radio Klub

Local Area Repeaters

Yarnell Hill146.620162.2-N7YKTHARK
Mt Union147.260103.5+K7YCAARES/RACES
Smith Peak146.680162.2-K7LKLCALZONA
Smith Peak443.775100.0+W7ARANorthlink
White Tanks145.430100.0-N7SKTTriCity ARC
White Tanks146.940162.2-W7EXCALZONA-ARA
White Tanks147.38079.7+N7ULYACGrp Public Safety
White Tanks441.725100.0+W7EXCALZONA-ARA
White Tanks442.275100.0+WB7EVINorthlink
White Tanks442.925114.8+W0IDSEcholink node 4056
White Tanks446.400100.0-W7GDYTriCity ARC
White Tanks448.400100.0-K7PO
North Ranch446.300162.2SimpN0DAJEcholink Node #251716
North Ranch145.710 SimpN0DAJRMS Gateway (No Tone) (1200 baud)
North Ranch441.300 SimpN0DAJRMS Gateway (No Tone)(1200 baud)

146.580 simplex, (no tone) is used in the park (North Ranch) as our local talk frequency. 162.2 tone can be used if you don't want to listen to chatter.
Mt Union is east of the park, south of Prescott in the Bradshaw range, 7979'. It may take a base antenna and power to hit it.
Smith peak is west of the park approximately North of the town of Aguila on the Harcuvar mountain range, elevation 5424. This machine is sometimes tied to the California system.
White tanks Mtn is west of Phoenix and is a prominent peak that can be seen from the park. The 94 machine can be hit with a handi talki from most places in the park and is a wide coverage repeater.